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The Gentlemen’s Family

The Gentlemen's Family

The Gentlemen’s Family is a social media project born in 2015 from the idea of seven guys originally from Italy but now living in different European Cities: Turin, Milan, Rome, London and Montecarlo. Their dream was to talk about their life and they found in Instagram the perfect way to express it.

"Luxury is the true Family"

After many years of strong friendship, “The Gentlemen’s Family” founders had to move to different realities, being far away from each other; however this situation didn’t stop their strong relationship; also thanks to their passions and the project that links them all together. “The Gentlemen’s Family” wants to illustrate the seven guys life through images of their passions, interests, trips and hobbies.

Our passions, our travels and our vices

The project was born with the aim of representing, through Instagram, the lives of the seven Gentlemen


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