About us

The Gentlemen’s Family is a social media project born in 2015 from the idea of four originally Italian guys now living in different European Cities: Turin, Rome, London and Paris. They dream to talk about their life and they found in Instagram the good way to express it..
After many years of strong friendship, the Gentlemen’s Family founders had to move in different realities, being far away from each others: but their friendship has remained really strong, also thank to their passions and the project that links them all together.
“The Gentlemen’s Family” wants to illustrate the four guys life through images of their passions, interests, trip, hobbies…It would be really reductive to call it “blog” because it’s not a collection of inspiring pictures taken by others found on the web, but it’s a collection, updated on daily basis, of pictures taken by the four gentlemen, modern dandy of the 2.0 generation, that don’t want to show off their lives but just want to describe their everyday modern life.
In fact, “The Gentlemen’s Family” talks about the fashion, the different styles,trips taken, the concept of luxury, the tasted mouthwatering food, the sports and the affections of each member of the Family, basing the story on his real life.
This authentic and realistic approach let “The Gentlemen’s Family” to reach in a short time frame many followers for the Instagram page, making the social platform really responsive for the Marketing side and appealing for the partners.
The Gentlemen by taking and publishing pictures will make the main character of the image visible on the social platforms but also by keeping that specific item for themselves they will be automatically ambassador of that during they everyday life, making it part of their trip, party, luxurious lifestyle and spreading the words with friends.